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A maple key is another name for the helicopter seeds of a maple tree. Maple Key Studio's name was inspired by a passage from “Pilgrim at Tinker Creek” by Annie Dillard.

'All at once I saw what looked like a Martian spaceship whirling towards me in the air. It flashed borrowed light like a propeller. Its forward motion greatly outran its fall. As I watched, transfixed, it rose, just before it would have touched a thistle, and hovered pirouetting in one spot, then twirled on and finally came to rest. I found it in the grass; it was a maple key, a single winged seed from a pair. Hullo. I threw it into the wind and it flew off again, bristling with animate purpose, not like a thing dropped or windblown, pushed by the witless winds of convection currents hauling round the world’s rondure where they must, but like a creature muscled and vigorous, or a creature spread thin to that other wind, the wind of the spirit which bloweth where it listeth, lighting, and raising up, and easing down. O maple key, I thought, I must confess I thought, o welcome, cheers.'

The maple key as a metaphor for the type of design we feel gifted at—design that is both practical and yet whimsical. It has purpose, it grows to something larger, but does so in a way that sets it apart.

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